Monday, May 6, 2013

Army List: 1750pt Deathwing

     In honor of (almost) reaching 10,000 views (Thanks everyone!) I am putting up an army list that I'm pretty excited about! So first of all, I'd like to let you all know that the top three things about 40k that have fascinated me since the start are terminators, jump packs, and dreadnoughts, and the two armies that I have loved since the start are the Blood Angels, and the Dark Angels (and I've recently found that I also love the Space Wolves). I've never used more than 5 terminators in an army, but between the Assault on Black Reach and Dark Vengeance starter boxes and the Assault Terminators that my wife and brother got me for my birthday last year I found that I had the makings of a nice Deathwing just in time for the new Dark Angels codex to come out. And when I saw the Deathwing Knighs models I knew that I would have to get myself one of those eventually. Well folks, eventually has arived! With the Deathwing Knights in the mail, I present to you my first draft of a deathwing list. Enjoy!
  • HQ: 
    • Belial: (Sword and Storm Bolter or TH/SS)
    • Librarian: Terminator, Mastery 2, Displacer Field
    • 5x Deathwing Command: 4TH/SS, Standard of Fortitude, Champion, Cyclone Missile
  • Troops:
    • 5x Deathwing: TH/SS Sergeant, Chainfist, Assault Cannon
    • 5x Deathwing: TH/SS Sergeant, Chainfist, Plasma Cannon
    • 5x Deathwing: TH/SS Sergeant, Chainfist, Plasma Cannon
  • Fast Attack:
    • 3x Ravenwing: Meltagun
  • Heavy Support:
    • Mortis Contemptor: 2TL Lascannons, Cyclone Missile
     I decided on the standard of fortitude instead of an apothecary because the feel no pain extends in a 12" radius instead of just affecting those in the squad, and it allows him to have a TH/SS. I also gave 4 in the command squad TH/SS to make the squad more resiliant. They will be sitting behind the main force giving FnP until it is time to get in combat when they will jump out and smash stuff! Belial will be attached to this squad to make them extra killy in combat and to take a few wounds from shooting attacks.
     The three Deathwing squads will make up the bulk of the force. The sergeants will all have TH/SS since I don't want them to have swords, and for challenges. The assault cannon and plasma cannons will be magnetized so I can change things up depending on what army I am facing (This list is built with DraigoWing in mind). The librarian will be in one of these squads using divination to boost firepower on the deathwing or the contemptor. I put a displacer field on him because the 3++ is nice and the special rules seemed like a good time (BAM! Teleported out of the way!).
     The ravenwing is mainly because I had 90 points left over so I thought it would be nice to have some fast melta in the army to disrupt the enemies tactics or do some tank hunting.
     Last but not least, the contemptor dread! I just really think these look cool (I hated them at first, but now I can't see why!) and have some awesome long range firepower to support the deathwing. I opted for the lascannons over the assault cannons because as I said before, I will likely be facing Draigowing so it will be nice to take some paladins down before they get into psycannon range. Also, If I'm going against another army, it will be nice to have something long range since Deathwing specialize in the <24" range.
     So what do you think? Do you see any glaring issues? Leave a comment below! And hopefully I will be posting soon on the progress with the models as well (If I have some homework free evenings. Grad school is super busy). I still don't have a contemptor, but I will proxy until I do. Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks interesting. With the reserve limitation, what are you deploying and what is coming with Deathwing assault?

    1. It would really depend on the situation. Most of the time I think I will just deploy everything together on the board. If I felt like deepstriking would be better I would probably combine two of the deathwing squads so I could deepstrike all but 5 terminators together (hopefully using the ravenwing's teleport homer).

  2. With the new FAQ, the deathwing sergeants can't take TH+SS because they don't have a power fist to replace. Just a heads up!

    1. NOOO! That is just no fun! What good is a power sword against a paladin? Well at least it proves that you can have a TH/SS with a cyclone missile, but I would much rather give that up than a TH/SS sergeant.


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