Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Scale of 40k: Learning Illustrator

     Hey everyone! So I have seen a lot of discussions (debates) about what the actual sizes of things in the Warhammer 40k universe. Even when people agreed on the sizes, It was always expressed as the height in feet, meters, km, etc. That is great, but I want to be able to get the sense of scale as it is described in the novels (the way a normal human feels tiny next to a space marine). I thought the best way to do this (that was within my skill set) would be to make up a bunch of silhouettes of vehicles, weapons, and armour and place them next to each other.
      Eventually I want to make an animation where it starts zoomed in on a human, and slowly zooms out all the way to an imperial battlecruiser! I'm also planning to do some for xenos races as well. 
     The way I have been determining the scale was by following the diagram in the back of the Imperial Armour books. I'll have to use some other methods of finding the size of the things that aren't in there (xenos stuff) but that shouldn't be too hard if I use the models as a guide, or any other references that I can find. Since the models aren't to scale, I only use them as a starting point.
     So what do you think? The Land Raider and Rhino actually look like they would be able to transport the amount of troops that the rules say, boltguns are huge, and a powerfist is the size of a human torso! This really helps me to get an idea of just how big things are in 40k. Make sure to view the photo full size, and let me know what you think, or anything specific you'd like to see sized up against everything. Thanks for reading!


  1. thats a really nice illustration. GWs main design problem is making the normal humans too tall, how come Catachans look bigger than SpaceMarines? Big design error... Secondly the vehicles are too small, the new Dystopian Wars 28mm game shows you can have realistic sized vehicles on a 28mm table, and they look great.

    1. Thanks! I agree about the humans being too small. I don't really understand why people make true scale space marines, because that makes all the vehicles look much more out of scale. Having said that, I really don't mind the fact that they scaled the models the way they did. And actually, now that I'm looking at the actual models, the scale really isn't that far off for the marines. The biggest problem is, as you said, the guardsman model is too big. Maybe the scale of the Land Raider is still too small in my diagram.

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