Monday, April 29, 2013

Army List: Blood Angels with Dark Angel Allies

     Here is an army list that I have been playing around with for a while now. It includes a main force of jump pack Blood Angels, with Dark Angel allies. This army is designed to be a fun, varied army with a bunch of different element and units that I really like. I'm not sure how competitive it is, but since I'm not out to win any tournaments that isn't a bit deal (although I sure do like to beat my brother's Grey Knights). Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

     1500 point Blood Angels with Dark Angel allies
  • HQ:
    • BA: Librarian with Jump Pack, Divination or BA codex powers
    • DA: Librarian with Jump Pack, Divination
  • Troops
    • BA: 5x Asssault Marines, meltagun, powerfist
    • BA: 5x Asssault Marines, meltagun, power Weapon
    • BA: 5x Asssault Marines, meltagun, power Weapon
    • DA: 5x Tactical Marines, lascannon
  • Elites
    • BA: 5x Assault Terminators, 5x thunderhammer stormshield
      • Land Raider, multi-melta
    • BA: 2x Sanguinary Priest, 2x power weapon, 2x jump pack
  • Fast Attack (Can be exchanged with a drop pod Furioso if needed)
    • DA: 3x Ravenwing Bikers, 2x meltaguns
      • Attack Bike, multi-melta


  1. I'd say probably more melta than you are likely to need,you could probably afford to swap 2 melta guns for plasma guns pretty easily, put them on the bikes since they are relentless, and id combine one of the 5 man squads into a 10 man squad, that way you can combat squad a shooty unit with 2 melta guns(honestly at 1500 you could probably manage 2xplasma for them , giving you 2 mobile plasma squads) and then a 5 man unit with the librarian and sanguinary priest. leave the 3rd squad as is and youve still got 3 squads, 2 buffed by characters for combat, you just also get a dedicated shooting unit that packs twice the punch (4x if you are taking plasma guns vs infantry and light vehicles)

    1. I've thought about using plasma instead, but I decided against it. For the bikers, I don't want to lose an expensive bike to a bad "gets hot" roll, and it is nice having the whole squad as a dedicated tank hunter (I mostly go against heavy armor so plasma isn't that great). As for the assault squads, the fact that meltaguns are assault weapons is a real benefit to me. Also, S8 AP1 is incredible against both vehicles and heavy infantry like palladins (something else that I go up against alot). The 12" range isn't a problem since everything is so fast in this army.

      I do really like your idea about using combat squads to make a 2melta squad and a dedicated assault squad (working together to pop a tank, and assault the guys inside!). For some reason I forgot that you can split them up any way you want.

      I do use plasma on the Space Wolf army that I'm working on though. The extra range is very helpful, and the risk of losing a guy to gets hot isn't as bad since they are much cheaper. Plus I'm kinda a sucker for themes in my armies (melta for the angels and plasma for the wolves).

  2. Great call with your pic. I love that codex. Its a hefty tome with a lot of information. Ah, good ole' days of 2nd ed.

    1. I wasn't lucky enough to have been into 40k back in 2nd edition (I started in 4th) but I do like this codex since it has my two favorite armies!


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