Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fixing the Power Spear/Lance


     So I'm not sure about all of you, but the power lance seems like one of the biggest wastes of 15 points. I even forget that it exists sometimes because the sword, axe, and mace are all that I use or hear about online. I really like the idea of a power spear for my Space Wolves. Imagine a pack of Thunderwolf cavalry charging with a power spear! That would be pretty awesome. But as it is, i would probably go with the chainsword instead. So I thought we should talk about why it is rarely (if ever) used on the tabletop and how it can be improved to bring it up to par with the other power weapons. Read on for the revised rules:

Current Power Lance:
-On the assault: S+1,AP3
-Every other turn: S:user, AP4

      This really doesn't make sense to me. The biggest thing about spears isn't that they make you hit harder (especially not as hard as an axe). Their main advantage is that you can keep your enemies further away from you and strike first. With that in mind, here is a potential profile for the revised power lance:

Revised Power Lance:
-On the assault: I+2, AP3
-Every other turn: I:user, AP4


Revised Power Lance2:
-On the assault: +1 to S and I, AP3
-Every other turn: S and I:user, AP4

So what do you guys think. Do these new rules seem like an improvement? Are they too good? Are the original power spears actually really useful and I just don't know how to use them? 


  1. I like the idea of the Inititiave bonus, as you say a spear charging would strike before most weapons and would punch through most armours, especially with the speed of a cavalry or bike charge. What about:
    -On the assault: I+2, AP2, Specialist
    -Every other turn: AP3, Unwieldly, Specialist

    I think TWC can only take 1 EW per pack?

    BTW these minis are amazing!

    1. I think I like your idea much better. I actually think that it should have the Two Handed rule instead of specialist, so you wouldn't get an extra attack using a spear and powerfist. And the unwieldy rule is great! I think I would slightly alter it to be:
      -On the assault: S and I+1, AP3, Two Handed
      -Every other turn: AP3, Unwieldy, Two Handed.

      AP2 just seems like a bit too much (maybe not, I can't decide) but the extra strength would be nice.

  2. Power Lance #2 is better as it needs a buff. That's just the right tweak to make you think you might take it.

  3. Power lance used to have a initiative bonus back in the days a few editions ago


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