Sunday, November 4, 2012

Comparing the old and the new

            Here is a quick look at some of my older models. These are from about a year ago and I have really changed my painting style since then (for the better I think). More pictures below...

     Of all my older models, this is the one I am most proud of. This was my first attempt at writing scrollwork on the parchment and purity seals. It was also my first time painting eyes in this level of detail. I do like his base quite a bit. I made the steps out of oven bake clay, and when it was hardened I cut the sides flush with the base and added a bit of sand. I plan on repainting and improving the base on this guy after I've painted up a good part of my army. I really like this model and think it deserves a paintjob that does it credit. Hopefully I'll be a much better painter by the time I get around to it.
     This guy doesn't look bad, especially from as far away as you would see him on the tabletop, but when you look closer there are quite a few problems visible. And since painting is my favorite part, then why stop at just okay?

     The main thing that has changed is the way I paint black armour. My process for these models was to drybrush codex grey over the black basecoat. And that was all.
      You can see a slight attempt at some line highlighting on the elbow and the side of the multi-melta, but no shading on any of the red.
     The metal was pretty much the same process. Basecoat black, then drybrush boltgun metal.
     And here's a little group shot of a few tactical marines. These guys were my first attempt at batch painting.
     I'll finish this post off with some photos that I've posted up already as a comparison. The attack bike and captain show my current painting level. Still not the best models ever, but I really like them, and they are definitely an improvement over my older models.

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