Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP: Chaos Cultist Conversions

        I finally was able to make a bit of time to work on my Dark Vengeance set! I really like the cultist models, but I'm not a huge fan of having sets of identical models. To remedy that situation I decided to do some minor conversions on one of each duplicated cultist models, and on the champions. After being inspired by some of krautscientist's cultists on eternalhunt, I set out to uniquify my models. More below...
     First, I really didn't like the shotgun champion's head, or the shotgun. He seems like he should be with the autogun squad, but the shotgun is more of an assault weapon. So I cut both of them off. I replaced his head with an Imperial Commander's head and replaced the shotgun with a lasgun to make him really look like an IG commissar who defected. I left the second champion unchanged except for giving him a shotgun. I used the shotgun from the first champion and replaced the stock with the lasgun's grip.
     I also converted two other cultists. I swapped heads on the flamer and gas mask guy and replaced the spiky stick weapon the cultist had with a spiky ball cut of another guy. I pinned the heads to the body and greenstuffed the gap.
     And now for some photos of the finished conversions:
     I really like the gas mask on this guy. It seems much more appropriate for someone with a flamethrower than that chaos star mask.
     I thought about doing some more converting to this guy, but decided that I really like him the way he is with the exception of one thing. Cultists always have a gun, and this guy didn't. Since I wasn't using the shotgun from the other champion I figured that it would be perfect for this guy. Plus a shotgun works much better for a close combat squad.
     This guy is my favorite. Ever since I first saw pictures of the cultists I really liked this guy, but hated his weird mask. This IG commander head worked perfectly since it looked pretty evil as it was. I shaved off the aquillas from his hat and the lasgun, and shaved the butt of his shotgun off of his arm. I also did my very first attempt at sculpting greenstuff by making a little skull emblem on his hat. And I tried something new and made his base out of sculpey which I think turned out great.
     It's a little difficult to see in the picture, but It is textured like rock and has runes carved into it. To make the texture, I just found a flat rock and pressed it into the sculpy. After it was hardened, I used pliers to break off the edges to the size of the base which gave it a nice rocky texture on the side.
     And finally a nice little group shot. I'm hoping to get the commissar champion painted up here soon so be watching out for that. Let me know what you think, and if you have done/know of any good cultist conversions post a link in the comments. I still have a bunch left to do, and always enjoy seeing other conversions.

Cultist Commissar Part 2


  1. Awesome! I'm right in the middle of doing the same thing. i love the sculpts but i hate duplicate models too. Actually i'm a bit worried that i may be developing a converting addiction. Of course, blogs like these are only making it worse by giving me more ideas...

    1. I know what you mean. I've never done any greenstuff before now, but I really like the freedom of being able to make the models exactly the way I want them. The cultists are perfect practice too since they're supposed to look chaotic, so you can't really mess them up too bad.

  2. Nice work on those cultists so far! It's really rather easy (and pretty satisfying) to make them look more individual, a fact that seems to escape the people whining about the limited variety...

    I really like that head you used on the "Commissar"! Which kit is it from?

    Also, thanks a lot for the shoutout ;-)



    1. Thanks! It was really a ton of fun doing this and I'm looking forward to doing more of them. The Commissar's head was from some Imperial Guard kit. Probably the command squad box, but I'm not sure since it was from my brother's bit box.

  3. Cool conversions!
    Proving there is so much you can do with these cultists.
    Also thank you for your comment on my blog!


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