Saturday, October 27, 2012

Budget Photo Setup

     I have just updated my photo setup. It is basically a cheap plastic tub with two lights and a piece of paper for the background. There is a great tutorial on how to make on of your own on Instructables by Light_Lab. This is a very inexpensive way to get some great photos. I already had the lights and paper, so all I needed was a $4 plastic tub. More on the lightbox below, and some comparison shots...

     I use the tabletop tripod if I want a higher angle, but for the most part I just set the camera on the table. If your camera allows it, use the manual setting to get a higher F-Stop (this allows more of the model to be in focus, but also makes any movement blur the image. Make sure the camera is stable).
     This is a picture from my old setup. It isn't bad at all, but there isn't much detail in the shadows, and the depth of field (DOF) is pretty shallow. Plus it was much harder to get looking good. This setup is just a piece of paper curved under a light. This option is still perfectly viable, but for me it left something to be desired.
     And here is a shot using the new setup. Much more visible detail, and better DOF. Plus, it was extremely easy to set up on the dining room table.
      Another photo with the old setup.
     And the new. The oxidation is much more visible, and the texture is clearly visible.

    So it still isn't quite a professional setup, but the difference between a $4, and a $400 price tag is more of a factor for me than improving things that no one will notice anyway. I am very happy with the new setup. I'm going to update the photos from my previous posts in case you would like to see them in a bit more detail. Hope this was helpful!

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  1. The photos look CRISP! Nice work.

    1. Thanks! It's pretty amazing how well the super cheap alternatives work for things like this.

  2. Damn I also need to get my act in gear to take better pictures all I need is a disposable clear plastic box.
    Thanks for this great tip!

    1. No problem! Now all I need is some time to paint something and put the new setup to use...


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