Saturday, October 13, 2012

Showcase: Imperial Statuary

      Here is my take on the Imperial Statuary in the battlefield debris section of the 6th edition rules. I used a technique that I got from Ded'Ard to paint the bronze statue, but I changed it around a bit to fit the paints I have. It is mostly done, just need to make the dirt and stone look a bit better. More below...

     I made the base from MDF board and the rock from pink insulation foam. I used a ball point pen to press the cracks between rocks in. The statue is a marine from the Battle for Macragge box set which I pinned into the base with paperclips.

     To paint the statue, I first primed it black (Don't use spray primer on the foam because it will melt it. Just hand paint that) and then did a heavy drybrush with Metallic Antique Copper from Folk Art. Next I washed the model with a heavily watered down turquoise. After that had dried, I drybrushed the copper color again.
     This is just before painting the statue. I was going to have a nameplate made of plasticard, but it looked like crap so I popped it off.

     So that's it! Hope it was helpful, or inspirational, or something. If you've made any battlefield debris, let me know and link a photo in the comments.

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