Saturday, October 20, 2012

WIP: Cyclone Missile Launcher Conversion


     I have been wanting a cyclone missile launcher for quite a while, but I don't really want to pay $20 to get one off of ebay, or get another box of terminators either. But when I found a picture of a converted cyclone by THE_ARCH1TECT made from two hunter killer missiles, and I had a few of those laying around (i never though spending 10pts on something that is S8, one shot was really worth it) i decided to make one of my own. I'm really happy with how it's turning out. I may even like it better than the GW version. More photos below...

       I started out by cutting the sensor optics off both the missiles and set them aside. These will be used later.
     Next I shaved off the skull emblem of one of the missiles. Since this missile will be turned on its side, the part that had the skull will be facing upward. I left the skull on the other one since it will be on the side (This will be more clear later).
     I glued the front of the optic unit to the back part upside down. (I had to cut the bit of plastic off the back part to make it fit)
     The last thing before gluing everything together was to cut the back part of the missiles off. This is just to make the Cyclone Missile a bit smaller and look better on the terminator.
     And here is all of the pieces glued together!
     Here you can see that the left missile launcher (the one that still has the skull) is upright, but the one on the right has been turned 90 degrees counter clockwise. This is so the vents on the side are both pointing up (you can see that in the previous picture).

     After it was glued together, I realized I needed to shave down the bottom (the parts in red) flush with the rest of the missiles so it wouldn't sit so high on the Terminator's back. I also drilled out a hole, and glued in a magnet (green) to allow me to take off the missile launcher when I don't want to use it in a game.
     I also drilled a hole for a magnet in the back of the terminator. I cut away a bit extra around the magnet because I plan on smoothing over the hole with greenstuff. Also, you may have noticed that the arms are magnetized as well. I'm not planning on greenstuffing those since they will always be covered with the arms anyway.
 And here are some pictures of what I have so far. Next is a bit of greenstuff work filling the hole on the back, and maybe making some cables running up to the missile. Hope this was helpful to some of you. And thanks again to THE ARCH1TECT for the great idea!  

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  1. Sweet! That will definately be used for my new Dark Angels Deathwing. Thanks for the idea.


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